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Brewsters Craft is the first black female majority owned brewing company in South Africa.
The company was founded by Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela in 2015 and is currently the leading
provider of training, quality analysis and consultant services within the South Africa brewing industry.  

Apiwe has over 12 years practical brewing experience within both macro and micro brewing industries. She holds a BSc Honours in Microbiology from University of Pretoria , Master Brewer qualification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and was the first person in South Africa to complete the NQF6 National Diploma in Clear Fermented Beverages.
Apiwe is passionate about Africa, its people and the continent’s advancement within the global brewing community and serves on the following bodies:

Chairperson: Institute of Brewing and Distilling; Africa Section
Board of Directors: Craft Brewers Association of South Africa
Board of Directors: African Manufacturers Association
Chairperson of the Board: Beer Association of South Africa

Our Mission and Values

Our mission, vision and values as a company are aligned with the objectives of Liquor Act 59, 2003. As thus, everything we do is for the promotion and the development of a responsible and sustainable liquor industry. 

At Brewsters Craft we are committed to:

■ Offering high quality services that ensures long term sustainability of the African brewing sector.

■ Providing service that has meaning, purpose and adds value to the industry.

■ Endeavouring to lessen the negative socio-economic impact of alcohol abuse.

Our Vision is:

■ To empower current and future brewers through education and training.

■ To play a positive and active role in the development of the African brewing industry.

The Brewster in Action

See the science of brewing beer demonstrated in this short clip.